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MacNab’s Bar on Skye History

MacNabs Bar on Skye History

MacNabs Bar on Skye History stretches back as long as our main hotel has been in operation, with a history stretching back several hundred years. In that time the bar has served several generations of local and holidaymakers alike. Perhaps its most famous story is in relation to a certain Charles Edward Stuart or Bonnie Prince Charlie as he would later be known.

While on the run from the Government army he met Flora Macdonald who – despite her father commanding the government troops on Benbecula – agreed to help Charles escape to the Island of Skye disguised as her maid. It was on Skye that he and Flora had their final meeting in MacNab’s Inn in Portree (the Islands capital) as they said farewell to one another for the last time.

In the hotel we have several pictures documenting this famous meeting in MacNabs Bar on Skye. Please ask at reception if you would like to see these famous pictures.

Macnabs in has been refurbished several times over the years and a large part was lost in a major hotel fire in the mid 1960s. Since then it has been rebuilt until it is now in it’s existing standard. The bar now features more modern conveniences such as a juke box, a pool table and several widescreen TVs which the bar shows live sport on.

A wide selection of whisky and ales are available. Please ask our bar staff for recommendations dependant on your individual taste. We stock local ales and whiskys and even cater for those with specific dietary requirements such gluten free and alcohol free beers.

We also have a selection of pictures and signs on the bar walls documenting some of the rich history of the building. MacNabs Bar on Skye History is well worth a look. Please take time to read these and ask any of our bar staff if you have any questions about the bar history and would like further information.


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