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Macnabs Bar on the Isle of Skye Ale Selection

Macnabs Bar on Skye

Macnabs Bar on Skye features a wide selection of local beers and whisky. We sell bottled Skye Ale which a firm favourite in our bar and restaurants. It is described in the Scotsmans as:

“The popularity of Isle of Skye Brewing Co’s Ales, including Yer Ben, has been overwhelming and incredibly exciting for me. “Yer Ben is light and refreshing, so it suits all palettes and pairs perfectly with so many dishes, from oysters and pork belly to classic fish and chips. It’s the kind of beer I enjoy at home with some of my favourite home-cooked dishes and I hope others can do the same now that it’s available.” – celebrity chef Tom Kitchen.

Skye’s local whisky “Talisker” is also for sale in the bar. Michael Jacksons ‘Malt Whisky Companion’ describes it as “One of the most individualistic of single malts, with a powerful palate and an emphatic island character” Talisker distillery was established in 1831 and expanded in 1900. Famous Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson ranked Talisker as a style of its own, comparable with the Islay and Glenlivet whiskies.

Talisker was also described in Whisky Reviewer as ““Made by the sea,” Talisker comes in a clear glass bottle, topped with foil and a cork stopper, and with that classic label inked with a map of the Isle of Skye. The whisky is bottled, not at 46% abv, but at 45.8%. In the glass, this single malt has the lustrous, deep golden coloring of apple juice. The nose is a classic, practically the benchmark for a fragrantly oily, smoke, spicy whisky scent. Whiffs of green apple and sea spray add some complexity, giving you something to sniff at each time you bring the glass up for a sip.

The flavor is richly sweet at first, before a wall of smoke blows in. On the back, the flavor takes a turn to pepper and minerals, and this is what gets blended into a handful of ash and thrown into the aftertaste. For a whisky with such a big personality, the finish is suprisingly light, delivering only moderate warmth. Even so, that warmth just goes on and on. What has long set Talisker 10 Year Old apart in my mind is how it balances having big flavors not necessarily against themselves, but against it’s complexity. The single malt is easily among the most interesting and pleasurable in its youthful class.”

Whatever your choice, our local ale and whisky selection is sure to please the palate!

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